Sporty Cups

Football:  Plastic stadium cups are an excellent addition to any type of tailgating event!  Create personalized cups that have your group name, tailgating location and of course, don’t forget to support the team while you’re at it!  Reusing your plastic cups will certainly help to keep the cost down each week as well!

Basketball: Fundraising for the team to go to that special training camp over winter break?  Sell customized plastic stadium cups at games, fill them with popcorn and use the proceeds to help fund the trip!  Fans are thrilled with the cool souvenir they get to take home and can keep supporting the team each and every time they reach for a cup for their refreshing beverage of choice.

Baseball: Cracked peanuts, cold beer and sunny days, ah baseball season!  Looking for a place to put those peanut shells?  Plastic stadium cups are so handy you can use them for more than just a container for your favorite beverage.  Order some plastic stadium cups and try and see how many different uses you can come up with!  We’ll add some free ones to your order if you can come up with more than 10 (email with your list)

Soccer: Support the team!  Match cup and ink colors, along with the team logo to create some cool fan gear!  Are you one of the players?  Keep socks organized in your gym bag and use cups as sock holders.  They wash easy, don’t hold odor and can double up as dirty sock containers after you’ve finished the game.

Tennis: Where are you going to store all of your accolades?  That’s right, in a personalized plastic stadium cup.  Ok, so this one is more virtual than literal but still, frustrated you don’t have enough wins?  Design a cup with your own first place title and pass them out.  You’re sure to get at least a few pats on the back from people who aren’t quite sure of the difference.

Beach Volleyball:  Heading down to the beach to play volleyball with your team and you all aren’t sure the best way to transport your gear and head out for drinks after?  Store extra socks and underwear and some wipes in your 32 ounce personalized cups along with a zip lock baggy.  After the game, store dirty “unders” in the baggy, you’ve got some clean items to make you feel fresh and head right over to the tap to fill your cup with your beverage of choice!

Field Hockey: How do you store those field hockey balls and have some stellar team spirit?  That’s right!  A plastic cup in your gym bag is the way to go!  Bonus?  Add some water and get a good rinse on them so they’ll be ready to go for next game.

Water Polo: Use your cup as a secret ninja play.  Fill with water and splash in your opponent’s face when they least expect it*!  Players can write their names on the cups, team logo on the other side and there will be no mistaking whose on the winning side!

Lacrosse: See a post game Gatorade cooler and frustrated by not being able to drink out of it without dousing your face in liquid?  Get a stash of team cups made so you’ll never go thirsty at games again!

*I’m not quite sure the rules of water polo so please don’t take this as a serious suggestion unless it really is allowed!


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