14oz Clear Plastic Cups

14oz Clear Plastic Cups

Style 14 oz Clear
25 – 49 $2.59
50 – 99 $1.15
100 – 249 $0.86
250 – 499 $0.74
500 – 999 $0.68
1000 – 2499 $0.62
2500 – 4999 $0.54
5000 – 9999 $0.47
10000+ $0.44
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You’ve reached this page, read the title above and now you’re a bit confused. Why would the nickname of this seemingly harmless cup be the silent assassin? Furthermore, why would you want to order something with such a heavy, dark connotation? Contrary to popular belief, this cup does not get it’s weighty nickname from partaking in activities where legalities are questioned; it’s name is earned from being an assassin of disposable cups! It’s clear plastic and size give it the appearance of a disposable plastic cup, but it’s sturdy BPA free construction and ability to personalize make this one cup you’re sure to want to reuse again and again! Bye, bye disposable!

Why it’s a CMC pick: At large functions where you may not necessarily have time to greet each and every possible new client that’s interested in your product – the clear plastic cup can be personalized with all of your important info and gives guests the freedom to enjoy their beverages while wait staff can clearly and easily see when refills are needed. A+ service in every way! This little guy is also a great choice for large weddings and cocktail hour functions where guests can reuse their cups, cut down on stemware costs and have a little something fun to take home at the end of the night.