Party Cups

There are all manner of parties in which cups would be a welcome, if not necessary party favor and/or resource.  Below is a list of various types of parties that could benefit from ordering personalized stadium cups and why they would be so fantastic.  I’d love to hear your ideas for parties, uses for cups […]

Kid Cups

In economic times that are less than favorable, using everyday items to create the spectacular for your kids has become the norm.  Real Simple magazine has an entire section devoted to just this mind set (you wouldn’t believe the great uses they found for wire hangers!).  Below some great ideas to get you going for […]

Bachelor & Bachelorette Cups

Planning a bachelor/bachelorette party can be thrilling but also extraordinarily stressful!  At first, it sounds fantastic, planning the festivities of your very best friend, brother, sister, etc.  You can choose the “club” you attend, the drinks, the theme, the design on the custom stadium cups, be wildly inappropriate and compile a list of jokes that […]

Wedding Cups

You’ve been proposed to and you.are.STOKED!  You are in full wedding planning mode!  Whether you’re a person who immediately signs up for sites like The Knot or someone who is convinced they can keep track of their to do list in their head, one thing is for sure, wedding planning takes  a lot of work!  Even […]