Party Cups

There are all manner of parties in which cups would be a welcome, if not necessary party favor and/or resource.  Below is a list of various types of parties that could benefit from ordering personalized stadium cups and why they would be so fantastic.  I’d love to hear your ideas for parties, uses for cups etc; in fact, I’d love it so much I’ll give you a coupon code for cups!  Please email me today at for coupon details and/or keep reading below for some great ideas!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party: This is one of those events where you’ll want to order a bunch of stuff and get all of it personalized with the event name, date and a cute matching graphic.  Order personalized t-shirts (which we can do too!), roll them up and stuff them inside the cups.  When friends arrive, they get a “cup o fun”, can put their t-shirt on right away and fill their cup with “the good stuff”.

Wedding Shower: Something practical guests can take home and use while celebrating the happy couple.  Personalize with their names and shower date and they’ll have something to remember their special celebration for years to come.  Be sure to order a few extra for the couple to take home as well!

Wedding: Stemware is expensive!  Even plastic cups can get pricey when guests are leaving wounded soldiers right and left.  Solve the issue by ordering plastic stadium cups personalized with your names and wedding date on one side and “This cup belongs to:” on the other.  Leave permanent markers at strategic locations for guests to write in their names, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own beverages!  Best part is they get to take this treasure home at the end of the evening.

Baby Shower: Planning a gender reveal at your upcoming baby shower?  Order themed cups to go along with the surprise!  Guests can turn the cup around to find out baby’s name and/or gender!

Kids’ Parties:  You have kids… do you ever have enough plastic cups?  It seems like they’re always ending up left on the soccer field, at a friends’ house or at the bottom of the laundry bin.  Personalize stadium cups for your family and help ensure that at least some of these guys make their way home eventually.

Birthday Parties:  Commemorate the big day!  Customize plastic stadium cups to celebrate the birthday person’s happy occasion and encourage guests to take them home as favors as well.

Holiday Parties: One word, cupcakes.  Bake oversize cupcakes, stuff into 12oz plastic cups and frost!  Voila!  A cupcake, in its own cup, a souvenir that can be taken home and a no mess way to enjoy a delicious holiday dessert.

Fundraisers and Charity Events: Personalize stadium cups with the fundraiser’s name, logo and sponsors.  Order cups in various sizes – some for guests to take home and others to be used as center pieces!  Fill cups as centerpieces with delectable pieces of candy or other wonderful goodies for guests to munch on while they sip their cocktails (out of their custom cups!).

Kid Cups

In economic times that are less than favorable, using everyday items to create the spectacular for your kids has become the norm.  Real Simple magazine has an entire section devoted to just this mind set (you wouldn’t believe the great uses they found for wire hangers!).  Below some great ideas to get you going for personalized plastic stadium cups.  For a relatively low initial cost, we’ve provided 7 uses for these marvelous containers!  As always, I’d love to hear of any other creative ideas you may have and share a coupon for cups for your efforts.  Please email to share your ideas and keep reading to see a few to get you started.

Decorating party: Set out googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, markers, construction paper shapes, toilet paper dowls, ribbon, paper clips, the possibilities are endless and make “decorate your own cup” an event at your kids’ next party.  Personalize the cups with your child’s name and party date/birthday so that children can create a personalized party favor they’ll be super psyched to take home!

Reduce environment impact:  Order cups for each family member with their name on them and encourage them to use their cups to instead of disposables.  Make it a game and give a prize each week to the family member who can find the most creative use for their plastic cups that week!  Our plastic stadium cups are BPA free and even come with lids!

Crayon and craft holders:  Order in the house!  Use some of those personalized cups you ordered with family member’s names to keep order in your craft area.  Use cups as crayon holders, craft holders and scissor holders.  Clean up and organization are a cinch when every element has its home!

Piggy banks: Your kids can watch their savings grow!  Use plastic stadium cups as a piggy bank.  They can actually see the level of coins as they rise and motivate them to save even more!  Have fun counting change when the cup is full and planning a trip to the bank to keep up with the savings or the toy store to spend their nest egg.

Bathtub play:  There are no end of uses for cups during bath time!  Use as a pour to rinse shampoo out of eyes that tear easy.  Give cups to kids to use as scoops during water play.  Keep soap stubs and make new soap by saving them all in plastic cups.  Use cups as storage to organize bath toys.

Sensory time:  Create sensory activities in individual cups!  Have a shelf where you keep these easily accessible cups for kids to choose and use when they’re looking for an activity.  Pre-make cups filled with all sorts of sensory oriented activities and kids can simply grab a cup, sit down and play!  A great rainy day or down time activity that can be quiet, contained and encourage learning!

Lemonade stand:  Take their lemonade stand and first foray into capitalism to the next level!  Get personalized stadium cups created with the name of their business (Jack’s Lemonade Stand NOW OPEN) and a cute slogan.  Kids can sell the lemonade and cups as a package!  Encourage kids to give a discount to repeat customers if they’re environmentally friendly and bring their cup back for a refill.


Bachelor & Bachelorette Cups

Planning a bachelor/bachelorette party can be thrilling but also extraordinarily stressful!  At first, it sounds fantastic, planning the festivities of your very best friend, brother, sister, etc.  You can choose the “club” you attend, the drinks, the theme, the design on the custom stadium cups, be wildly inappropriate and compile a list of jokes that would make your mother blush.

Then you realize he or she has turned into a bridezilla (or a groomzilla?  Does that exist?!?).  They’ve become ridiculously demanding and perhaps even difficult to be around (party favors in spring green? Is that even a real color?).

Lucky for you, it occurs to you that you can save the day, be the wonderful best man, maid of honor, mother of the bride, etc. that you are and order some spectacular party favors that are going to be a huge hit not only with the bride and/or groom but with the rest of the partygoers as well!

The answer? Customized cups!  They come in a variety of sizes and colors, can be personalized on both sides (at no additional cost!) and can be used and reused for years to come.  Pick a fun graphic and add some text to make it memorable, perhaps a quote or funny saying you can attribute to the guest of honor or even just a phrase to help everyone remember what they were celebrating (because let’s be honest, it’s going to be a crazy night and you may need some help remembering, ever seen “The Hangover”?).  Add the date and location of the good times and you’ve got a keepsake

Wedding Cups

You’ve been proposed to and you.are.STOKED!  You are in full wedding planning mode!  Whether you’re a person who immediately signs up for sites like The Knot or someone who is convinced they can keep track of their to do list in their head, one thing is for sure, wedding planning takes  a lot of work!  Even just a civil wedding at town hall is a mass of paperwork to fill out and witnesses to get ahold of.  If you’re planning your wedding, no matter how large or small, you’re most likely looking for little ways to add to it to give it that extra special “oomph” and create some memories both physical and emotional that will last long into your golden years.

Ever thought of customizing cups for wedding favors?  Perhaps you’d like to personalize cups as a wedding memento? They’re fun to choose, easy to design and arrive at your door step within 10 business days or less.  Just decided to get married and looking to tie the knot this weekend?  No problem in the slightest!  Here at CMC (that’s short for we can turn orders around in as little as 24 hours.  This is for sure the meaning of having your cake and eating it too!

How do you go about creating plastic cups for your wedding day?

In a rush?  Send a quick email to Jen ( with some of the details of your order so she can get together a quote and design proof for you.  Here’s an example you can follow:

Hi Jen,

I’m getting married in about a month and am looking to order 50 cups.  I’d like there to be some kind of cute “weddingy” graphic with our names (Fatima & James) somewhere in the design along with our wedding date (December 31, 2012).  Maybe since it’s around New Years you can use a wedding graphic that somehow ties into that theme?  Can I print on both sides?  Also, just in case more people reply, is it cheaper for me to order 100?

Have a little more time?  Go ahead and send an email with the following bits of information and Jen will be able to send you an accurate quote and design proof even faster:

Amount of cups:

Cup color:

Ink color:

Style or cups (i.e. 12 oz plastic cup, 22 oz fluted cup):

Delivery, rush or standard (standard is within 10 business days):

Ship-to Address:

Contact Phone #:

Best time to reach me via email:

Best wishes on the big day, or if you’re planning a wedding for someone, please pass along our congrats!  Jen is for sure looking forward to working with you on this and many of your other future cup orders!