16oz Tall Smooth Stadium Cups

16oz Tall Stadium Cup

The 16 ounce smooth operator

It’s 16 ounces, it’s smooth and what’s the difference between this guy and all the rest?  It’s tall!  A great option for a twist of something different from our other two shorter and wider 16 ounce styles (available in both smooth and fluted).  It’s tall slender shape give it a touch of class and style not often seen with other cup styles.

Why it’s a CMC pick: Vertical logos and designs depicting people will benefit most from the longer print area and sleek style.  Not going to be the only cup on the block at an upcoming event?  This unusual shape is the perfect size for a give-away but slightly different looking to give you that “je ne sais quoi” your competitors will be missing.


25 – 49 Cups
50 – 99 Cups
100 – 249 Cups
250 – 499 Cups
500 – 999 Cups
1000 – 2499 Cups
2500 – 4999 Cups
5000 – 9999 Cups
10000+ Cups
12 oz Smooth


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