16 oz Tumbler with Straw and Lid

The 16oz Tumbler

with straw & lid!

Similar in size to our 16 ounce stadium cup, this fancy style takes it up a notch with a handy straw and lid. Take your liquids to go with class and elegance! The reusable straw and lid make it handy to carry this earth-friendly style in the limo, with your stroller or bopping around the mall. Its people-friendly versatility will amaze and delight you and your friends and clients.


As with all of our customized plastic cups, this version is BPA free, comes in a wide variety of colors and can be printed on both sides!


Why it’s a CMC pick: The addition of the straw and lid make it easy to carry and appropriate for any occasion. Serve drinks without the top and straw and let guests grab them at the door on their way out, encourage a clean gathering with less spills, take this guy out partying and avoid having your drink in your lap as the car swerves at the next stop light. Make your frozen margaritas to go!

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16 oz Tumbler (w/straw & lid)


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