14oz Beer Stein Mugs

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14 ounces of good beer lovin’, this “mini” beer stein proves that a little bit of good sure can go a long way!  The fluting around the bottom add a bit of extra fancy flair and the smooth print area ensure a crisp clear printing of your design each and every time.  The handle features a textured thumb grip for a comfortable, easy drinking experience with no wear and tear on your hands.

Why it’s a CMC pick: Small enough to order in mass quantity (in terms of storage) and a perfect choice for running beer tasting promotions, marketing at a brew fest or as custom cups for when friends swing by the house for a beer or two.  Easily transportable and perfect for those 12 oz. cans that are so readily available, the 14 oz. mug is a great option for those who want the experience of canned beer without all that messy beer “sweat”.

25 – 49 Cups
50 – 99 Cups
100 – 249 Cups
250 – 499 Cups
500 – 999 Cups
1000 – 2499 Cups
2500 – 4999 Cups
5000 – 9999 Cups
10000+ Cups
12 oz Smooth


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